It’s no secret. Everybody digs a great GIF. Your challenge is to create an original GIF and tell us why it should earn you a place on our 2014 O-tern team. You’ll also be answering four questions (each with fewer than 140 characters) so we can learn a little more about you.

Thank you 2014 Summer O-tern applicants! We are currently busy reviewing your applications but until you hear back from us, hopefully seeing a few of the GIFs we received will keep you content in the meantime.

If you don’t see yours on this page, don’t fret. These were taken from a random sampling and don’t show any ranking of applicants. If you submitted an application, we have your GIF and are being inspired or laughing our A*&’s off at the moment.


More Deets ...
Apply before Sunday, March 2.
We'll send you a confirmation email upon receiving your application.
If we wanna meet you, you'll know by the end of March.
If we wanna work with you, you'll know in late April.
Send any questions to
Notice how that isn't a phone number.
Good luck.
Come back after the deadline to see all the submissions posted.